SOMF was (is) a rock band originating out of Maitland, Florida in the mid 1970's. The group was started by Jim (Cactus) Stanley, Tommy Jo Shannon, and Chris Benson. Early gigs were performed at the Pitcher House Pub in Maitland, and the band still performs there occasionally, mostly at annual Christmas shows.

A SOMF show is something to be missed. While talent has never been a mainstay of the band's success, the raw energy present when SOMF takes the stage will leave you breathless. The English band Spinal Tap may have been known for their punctuality, but such is not the case with these seasoned rockers. This bland is well known for their on stage antics and wisecracking humor, always sacrificing precision and musicianship for the cause of putting on a good show. As Cactus once remarked "We may not know your favorite songs, but the ones we do play have a lot of the same notes".

Here are the current players. All were in the band at one time or another back in the old days. Sometimes they all show up. Sometimes only some show up. Sometimes Cactus shows up. Sometimes he talks to the audience. Sometimes there is trouble. **

Randy Kline - lead guitar, vocals
Jim "Cactus" Stanley - guitar, vocals
Johnny Krain - drums, vocals
Bob Cara - bass
Tommy Jo Shannon - bass
Kapp Pierce - bass
Marc Claremont - drums, vocals

April 27th & 28th 2017 Thurs - Friday 9-1 at the Golden Horseshoe (formerly Jesse Black's) on Hwy 441 in Leesburg. During leesburg bike fest.

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none at this time
** OK, I lifted that from an old 60's album cover. Anyone know whose it was?

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